The links, documents and information provide here are valuable for incoming and ongoing Construction Management students. They are not intended to be used in lieu of a visit to your advisor, but rather as a supplement to assist you in planning your coursework with your advisor's guidance. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the information and your flowchart prior to any meeting with your advisor.

There is mandatory student advising for ALL students during the first 4 weeks of fall quarter!

Advisor Assignment

The CM Department faculty also serve as advisors to CM students. Advisors are assigned to groups of students based alphabetically by last name as shown in the table below.

Alphabet Advisor Email
A - Bat Joe Cleary
Bau - Cat Andrew Kline
Ced - Deh Paul Weber
Dei - Gal Scott Kelting
Gar - Hay Phil Barlow
He - Kau Ed Boucher
Kav - Loc Dan Knight
Lon - Mer Stacy Kolegraff
Mey - Per Paul Redden
Pet - Rod Greg Starzyk
Rog - Sir Eric Brinkman
Sit - Tor Jason Hailer
Tr - Z ** Lonny Simonian

Lonny is out for Fall 2019. Lonny's advisees should see Tom Kommer during this time.


  1. When a student needs advising help they should go to their advisor first.
  2. Students should come prepared to the meeting with their advisor by bringing their flowchart with courses marked off, their Degree Progress Report, and their PolyProfile​ with their PolyPlan​ at the bottom.
  3. Advisor office hours and contact information are located in a binder at the CM office front desk.
  4. A considerable amount of information can be found on the CM Department website and the online Cal Poly catalog. Use these resources in addition to meeting with your advisor.



Advising & PACS

Advising Checklist (pdf)

PACS Form (pdf)

Professional Organization (pdf)

CM Flowcharts

2015-2017 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2013-2015 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2011-2013 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2011-2013 Curriculum Sheet (pdf)

2009-2011 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2007-2009 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2005-2007 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2003-2005 CM Flowchart (pdf)

2001-2003 CM Flowchart (pdf)

For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowcharts please contact the CM Department.

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