NECA Student Chapter 2023 Electrical Contracting Innovation Challenge


Copy Provided by the Cal Poly NECA Student chapter

Cal Poly’s construction management (CM) students continue to get involved and connected with the industry. The Cal Poly NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) student chapter is currently working on the 2023 Electrical Contracting Innovation Challenge. This challenge is a great way for students to interact with local contractors, gain exposure to the electrical industry, and to develop applicable professional skills.

This challenge has been a great way to learn more about the electrical contracting trade and the key stakeholders in the industry. NECA prides themselves as “the voice of the electrical construction industry.” They are made up of over 70,000 electrical contracting firms all striving for innovation, safety, and quality. NECA has partnered with Electri International to host this competition. Electri International was created by NECA to aid in research of the electrical construction industry. Through their research, Electri teaches contractors through seminars, briefings, and student competitions. 

This project has also encouraged us to interact with local electrical contractors that are associated with NECA. Our chapter has been able to attend training, jobsite tours, lunches, and even sport outings while learning and networking. Through these events, we have built lasting connections and have expanded our knowledge about the industry.

This year, our team is responsible for performing the project management tasks for the Oglethorpe University Emerson Student Center. In the coming weeks, we will be finishing up our schedule, AIA pay application, schedule of values, change orders, purchase orders, and submittal logs. We will have our whole project completed and submitted by April 28th, 2023. After this, we will be hosting a golf tournament on May 8th to continue building relationships with contractors and suppliers. Lastly, we will be presenting our work at the NECA Convention and Award Ceremony in Philadelphia, PA in September, 2023.

Through interactions with our local electrical contractors, we have seen how amazing the electrical industry is. We have been introduced to so many aspects of the industry and continue to learn useful project management tasks.


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