AIC Level 1 Certification


All students in the Cal Poly Construction Management Program are required to take the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) Associate Constructor (AC) Level 1 Examination. Obtaining a passing grade on the AIC – AC Level 1 Exam results in the designation of “Associate Constructor” a certification provided by the AIC upon passing the exam.

The Associate Constructor (AC) is the first level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program. This level of certification is ideal of recent graduates of 4-Year Construction Management Programs or those transitioning into construction management from other industries. AC's are individuals that have a high level of skill and knowledge in managing the process of construction.

Why is this important? AC's bring value to any project as they have a verified skill and knowledge level that is based on a body of knowledge that continues to be refined. AC's bring peace of mind that you have a high performing individual on your team who seeks continual professional improvement through our required Continuing Professional Development program. In addition, each AC agrees to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics, ensuring that they are professional and ethical members of the industry. In addition, those earning the AC credential upon graduation of a construction program have a competitive advantage in a highly competitive job market.

  • Test Requirements: All Cal Poly Construction Management undergraduate students are required to sign up for CM 461- Senior Project I and take the AIC exam prior to graduation. The AIC exam results will be the basis for your grade in CM 461. Detailed grading information can be found in the link below.
  • Test Dates: The test is given twice per year; one in the first week of November and in the first week of April. Registration ends typically one moth prior to the exam. For exact dates see the AIC webpage.
  • Test Location: The location of the test will be on the Cal Poly campus test center located on campus. The site location referenced on the AIC website is: Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo – Test Center Code: CA001. The test may also be taken at a third party test site as identified on the AIC website.
  • Test Fee: The exam fee is $200 for the on-line, computer based exam. The pencil and paper option is not permitted for Cal Poly students to take. The Cal Poly - Construction Management Association Advisory Council (CMAC) is supplementing this fee with $150. Student cost is only $50! A voucher number is available and needed prior to registering online through the AIC webpage.
  • Test Expectations: The exam is an all-day exam typically given on a Saturday. Three Hundred multiple choice questions are asked, given during two four hour sessions in a single day. Your laptop, power cord, mask, photo ID and a non-programmable calculator are the only things allowed during the exam.

Test Resources:
The exam has three primary study resources which are available on the AIC website:

  1. AIC Handbook for Candidates - Certification Examination for Level I Associate Constructor 
  2. AIC Official Study Guide – Associate Constructor Exam 
  3. AIC Associate Constructor Exam – Online Study Course 

Link to the general AIC webpage is below:

Link to the AIC Level 1 exam registration page is below:

Link to the Senior Project Grading Criteria CM 461:
CM 461 (AIC Exam) Grading Criteria

For more information see the Cal Poly CM - Senior Project Director:
Philip Barlow, PhD 
Bldg. 186-A301

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