Student Equipment

Construction Management Student Equipment

Pedestal- A mobile stack of filing drawers available in our three studio lab spaces. Each pedastal features a unique lock configuration allowing students a secure place to store their class materials. Pedestal units are available for use on a class by class basis (one to two quarters).

  • Check-Out Procedure- Students must select a pedestal from their lab, bring the lock number to the CM department front desk and fill out the pedestal contract.


Hardhat, Vest, Goggles- The CM department requires that each student have their own hardhat, safety vest, and safety glasses/goggle. These are used in our various lab activities as well as on any job-site visits. Students typically obtain these during their summer internships, but the department has some donated materials to hand out to those who do not have it.


Keycard- Passcard given to each CM student and each minor enrolled in CM classes. Keycards allow students 24-7 access to the computer lab and select labs depending on enrollment.

  • Check-Out Procedure-
    • Majors- Students must come to the CM department front desk and fill out the Major keycard contract. The card is assigned to them for the remainder of their time in the CM department and need not be returned. Access to labs will be changed on a quarterly basis.
    • Minors- Students must come to the CM department front desk and fill out the Minor keycard contract. Minors may only check-out a keycard if they are enrolled in a CM course requiring access to either a closed lab or the computer lab. Minor keycards must be returned at the end of each quarter regardless of class enrollment the following quarter.


Contracts & Instructions

Pedestal Contract (PDF)


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