Cal Poly NAHB Team Takes Second Place at Competition

Feb 7, 2018

(2nd row- Left to Right): Scott Kelting, Sarah De Los Reyes, Tyler Ingel, Thomas Fuentez, Trevor Nally, Jeffrey Hammond, Alexander Gama, Jeffrey Phunmongkol, Stacy Kolegraff
(1st row- Left to Right): Abraham Ahmed, Carter Jones, Jeremy Suryadi, Tyler Hall, Eric Martinez

An interdisciplinary team of Cal Poly students earned second place at the 2018 National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Residential Construction Management Competition held Jan. 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. The students, all members of the university’s NAHB student chapter, competed against 33 other university teams, including first-place winner Penn State University, Brigham Young University (third place), and the University of Denver (fourth place). The NAHB Student Competition, a highlight of the International Builders’ Show, charges students with completing a management project/proposal. This year, teams were asked to prepare a proposal to acquire (or decline to acquire) a 72-arce parcel in Okemus, Michigan. The Cal Poly team was led by construction management seniors and team captains Jeremy Suryadi and Jeffrey Hammond. They were joined by architecture students Alexander Gama and Tyler Hall; business finance students Tyler Ingel and Carter Jones; city and regional planning student Eric Martinez; and construction management students Abraham Ahmed, Sarah De Los Reyes, Thomas Fuentez, Trevor Nally and Jeffrey Phunmongkol. The team was advised by construction management faculty members Scott Kelting and Stacy Kolegraff.

CM NECA Club Wins $20,000 for Student project

Feb 6, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Kelly Williams for her outstanding presentation to ELECTRI International (the foundation for the National Electrical Contractors Association [NECA]) at their January Council meeting.  Our Cal Poly NECA student club submitted a proposal in response to ELECTRI’s Student Community Service Initiative, which promotes the growth of college and university programs to advance the development of efficient and sustainable energy solutions and cultivate the professional development and personal growth of students.  

Kelly represented Cal Poly well, earning an award of $20,000 for our NECA student club chapter.  This award, along with the club's recent fund-raising event, will allow club members to perform student service learning projects in Shell, Ecuador and the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. 

ASC Region 8 2nd Place Win

Nov 14, 2017

Left to right: Kelly Williams Carlye Cunningham  Jakub Smoleň and  Jakub Leško

This past week, Cal Poly CM students Kelly Williams and Carlye Cunningham took part in the ASC Region 8 International Construction competition, placing 2nd out of 11 teams from 11 different Universities and 4 different countries. The two were a part of a joint team with two students from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

 The competition took place in Liverpool, England at Liverpool John Moores University. The first day of the competition, the team worked for 7 hours on a problem statement for a 6 story hotel tenant improvement project.  The next day, the team presented their project in front of a panel of judges. Next the judges deliberated and called back the top 4 teams for 20 minutes of question and answer about the project. After this round, the judges made their decisions and the Cal Poly team was very proud to hear the results. 

The competition was different than any other ASC competition, connecting construction students from all over the world and challenging them to adapt to the differences between European and American construction. 

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CM Magazine Fall 2017 Edition

Oct 30, 2017

The latest edition of Construction Innovator is out and headed to your mailbox. If you can't wait to read it, check out the on-line edition.


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CM Brings Home Three New Trophies

Oct 25, 2017

Downer's Grove, IL

This year the CM Department sent four teams of six students to the ASC region 3 competition in Downer's Grove, IL. Much like the Region 6 & 7 competition held in Reno, NV.,  the students were pitted against other teams in the categories Electrical, Concrete, Pre-Construction and Project Solutions. The CM department emerged with first place trophies in the Electrical and Pre-Construction Divisions and a second place trophy in the Concrete division. 

For more information on the competition go to : &

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Paul Weber Receives AGC 2017 Construction Education Friend Award

Oct 23, 2017

Paul Weber (Right) with Student Will Leonard "Pledge"

Construction Education Friend Award

The AGC (Associated General Contractors) of California Construction Education Foundation Friend Award recognizes individuals who made outstanding contributions to construction education efforts and the development of future construction workforce.    


Paul Weber
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


Paul Weber has dedicated the last 18 years of his professional career to teaching, mentoring, and advising aspiring construction professionals at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (SLO). With the student’s future success in mind, Paul Weber has done everything he can to give students the opportunity to succeed. That has led him to his current position as the Cal Poly AGC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor. Before Paul began teaching, he double majored in Construction Engineering and Architecture at Cal Poly, SLO. Soon after, Paul jumped into his career and began leading a successful home building enterprise where he designed and built homes throughout California.

Students at Cal Poly are first introduced to Paul when they take his Introduction to Construction Management course (CM 102). Because this is the first Construction Management course that students take, many develop a relationship with Paul that will extend and grow as they progress through the program. Another course that Paul teaches is Fundamentals of Construction Management (CM 115). 

Paul’s mentorship reaches far past just the students taking his classes. When students begin their journey as a construction management student, they are assigned one of the faculty members as a mentor for the duration of their time in college. Whether it be about school or about life in general, you can always count on Paul to give you some words of wisdom and brighten up your day.

The Cal Poly AGC student chapter has only been around for roughly 10 years and Paul has been the backbone of the organization. As students come and go, Paul has remained the man behind the wheel–steering this club to success and constantly giving all students the opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. The student chapter was quite in its early stages and at times could have dissipated, but Paul kept promoting it until the life was brought back into the chapter.

Today Paul is very involved with the chapters success on campus and is always helping us look for new ways to improve the student chapter. As an individual, he does so much more for not only the AGC chapter on campus, but all students he interacts with. With AGC, Paul is involved in all AGC sponsored events, whether that be conferences, socials, fundraisers, or anything that benefits the student’s growth and the chapter. Just over the past two years the student chapter has grown by 50 members and now has a complete board. The AGC Student Chapter was also able to travel to the AGC National conference for the first time in its history, all with Paul supporting the students and doing whatever he can to make their dreams become a reality.

Paul is not only an outstanding professor and mentor, but person as well. He always says that he loves watching his students grow and progress throughout their careers and personal lives.

Phil Barlow named one of CIE's new Fellows

Oct 23, 2017

Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has named three professors to its Faculty Fellows program: construction management professor Phil Barlow, industrial technology & packaging professor Ahmed Deif, and marketing professor Stern Neill join the multidisciplinary cohort in preparing students to become emerging entrepreneurial leaders.

These three new CIE Faculty Fellows become part of an interdisciplinary community that is committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. CIE Faculty Fellows raise awareness of CIE programs and provide guidance to students and faculty with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Deif’s project drives innovation in the rapidly evolving and increasingly entrepreneurial value chain space and opens up opportunities for the formation of startups. Dr. Barlow will focus on fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration to spur innovations that impact the built environment. Dr. Neill will focus on curricular and co-curricular innovation to bring customer discovery and creation skills to Cal Poly startups, which will enhance their chances for survival and success.

The 2017-2018 class of CIE Faculty Fellows joins fellows David Askay, communication studies; Graham Doig, aerospace engineering; Enrica Costello, art and design; Bob Crockett, biomedical engineering; Dale Dolan, Electrical Engineering; Lorraine Donegan, graphic communication; Charmaine Farber, graphic communication; Mary Glick, journalism; Brian Granger, physics; David Janzen, computer science; Lynn Metcalf, marketing; Clare Olsen, architecture; Christiane Schroeter, agribusiness; Lynne Slivovsky, computer engineering; Taryn Stanko, management & human resources; and Umut Toker, architecture.

Phil Barlow Named AGC Outstanding Educator

Jan 25, 2017


Phil Barlow Photo

Construction Management Professor Dr. Phil Barlow has just been named the AGC Outstanding Educator for 2017. Phil's work as an educator, a mentor of students, and as a colleague in the construction industry set him apart as an outstanding leader and role model for this award. AGC was particularly appreciative of his work advising students in the Cal Poly CM program. Phil will receive a $5,000 award for himself as well as two $2,500 scholarships for eligible Construction Management students.

Since 1985, the AGC (Associated General Contractors) Education and Research Foundation has recognized annually an educator who makes a significant mark in the field of construction education. The Outstanding Educator award is based on a nominee’s academic contribution as well as his/her work with students outside of the classroom and involvement with colleagues in the industry.

The qualified applicant must be a full–time teaching faculty member of a university construction management or construction–related engineering program or with an institution–approved construction option. Nominees must have at least four years full–time teaching experience.

For more information, please go to

NAHB Team Places 3rd

Jan 25, 2017

NAHB Team Photo
Left to Right: Joseph Lynch, Sam Godfrey, Zak Faber, Jimmy Materne, Eric Bet, Tiffany Chen, Keenan Brekke, Jeremy Suryadi, Scott Kelting, Jeffrey Hammond, Stacy Kolegraff, Kyle Haggard, Bercut Smith, Billy Blaha, Peter Lee

Thank you for supporting our 2017 NAHB Competition Team. We are proud to inform you that our team finished third place in the Residential Construction Management Competition held at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Cal Poly as 35 other universities participated in the competition. Our success on the national stage is attributed to your mentorship and commitment to furthering our education and careers.

Our interdisciplinary team was comprised of 13-students ranging in majors from Construction Management and Architecture to Finance and Accounting. Each team member contributed a unique perspective and skill-set that helped our team achieve a podium finish. This experience not only provided us great insight into the construction and development industries, but is a prime example of what collaboration and hard-work can truly accomplish.

“I’m proud of the professional proposal our team put together over the past several months that lead to taking home third place at the RCMC last week. This experience truly exemplifies Cal Poly’s motto of “Learn by Doing” and will be remembered as one of our most valuable experiences in our education as we embark on our careers.”

Eric Bet, Senior NAHB Team Captain

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