Teams for the ASC Region 3 Competition in Downer's Grove, IL

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2020 Pre-construction Services team #2 - 1st Place  

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Proud Sponsor of the Pre-construction Services Team

Collin Martin (captain)
Alex Trujillo
Reagan Milligan
Makenna Gitchell
Molly Pryde
Sophie Harrington


Jonah Kim


2020 Concrete- 2nd place

Proud Sponsor of the Concrete Solutions Team

Grace Brekke (captain)
Sterling Treloar (co-captain)
Jack Radovan
Peter Finocchio
Thomas Rogers 
Jackson Thomas



Jennifer Knickerbocker
Sierra Williamson



2020 Electrical- 2nd Place

Proud Sponsor of the Electrical Team

James Ziebell (captain)
Miriam Robles (co-captain)
Amanda Schrader
Morgan Gawle
Connor Avrit
Braden Hotra


Allison Wild 
Heather Sailor


2020 Pre-construction Services team #1- 2nd Place

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Proud Sponsor of the Precon team

Shay O'Laughlin (captain)
Kyra Glaus
Ryan Nielsen
Connor Morinini
Jane Runte
Molly Bobrovitch


Jack Sampson
Kieran Barker




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