Teams for the ASC Region 3 Competition in Downer's Grove, IL

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2019 Preconstruction- 1st Place

Left to Right:

Garret Henley - Cole Murrin - Jerry Charette - Shay O'Laughlin - Kyra Glaus - Billy Markham - Greg Starzyk (Coach) 

2019 Project Solutions- 1st Place

Left to Right: Jeong Woo (Department Head) - Carly Hudak - Collin Martin - Alex Trujillo - Makenna Gitchell - Kirk Arena - Josh De Mattei

2019 Electrical- 2nd Place

Left to Right: Nick Gairaud - James Ziebell - Teddy Powers - Giovanni Dal Canto - Emily Bohannon - Ryan Fiorio - Joesph Cleary (Coach)

2019 Concrete

Proud Sponsor of the Concrete Solutions Team

Gavin Griffin, Captain 
Timothy Smith, Co-Captain
Grace Brekke
Sterling Treloar
Thomas Little
Peter Finocchio


2019 Electrical

Proud Sponsor of the Electrical Team

Giovanni Dal Canto, Captain
Ryan Fiorio
Nicholas Gairaud
Theodore Powers
James Ziebell
Emily Bohannon


2019 Pre-construction Services

Proud Sponsor of the Precon team

William Markham, Captain
Gerald Charette, Co-Captain
Garrett Henley
Cole Murrin
Shay O'Laughlin
Kyra Glaus


2019 Project Solutions

DPR Logo

Proud Sponsor of the Project Solutions Team

Collin Martin, Captain
Kirk Arena, Co-Captain
Makenna Gitchell
Alex Trujillo
Josh De Mattei
Carly Hudak


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