2020 Teams for the ASC Regions 6 & 7 Competition in Sparks, NV

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2020 Commercial Team: 1st Place

Back: Skylar Schrank - Tyler Morales - Shaina Suanico - Andrew Kline (coach)
Front: Marco Reza - Will Myers - Avery Spector - Parker Doshier - Sophie Stewart

2020 Concrete Team: 1st Place

Back : Jack Radovan - Gavin Griffin - Thomas Rogers - Jeong Woo (coach)
Front: Jackson Thomas - Grace Brekke - Tim Smith - Sterling Treloar -
          Peter Finocchio


2020  Electrical Team: 1st Place

Back: Joseph Cleary (coach) - Andreas Rasmussen - Bryan Fiorio - Nick Gairaud - 
         Giovanni Dal Canto
Front: Amanda Schrader - Miriam Robles - Emily Bohannon - Jimmy Ziebell


2020  Heavy-Civil Team: 1st Place

Back: Ed Boucher (coach) - Justin Reno - Sean Stratton - Ryan Nielsen
Front: Kyler Cruz - Tony Roberts - Logan Smith


2020  Preconstruction Team: 1st Place

Back: Greg Starzyk (coach) - Molly Bobrovitch - Cole Murrin - Jane Runte -
         Jeong Woo (department head)
Front: Garret Henley - Shay O’Laughlin - Billy Markham - Kyra Glaus - Jerry Charette


2020  Project Management Team: 1st Place

Back: Greg Starzyk (coach) - Kirk Arena - Collin Martin - Josh DeMattei - 
         Jeong Woo (coach)
Front: Sophie Harrington - Molly Pryde - Makenna Gitchell - Reagan Milligan -
          Alex Trujillo 

2020 Mixed-Use Team: 2nd Place

Back: Andrew Kline (coach) - Keagan Coyne - Sebastian Froman - Jacob Clark
Front: Matt Langbehn-  Adam Alvarez - Ashley Isla - Lizette Galvez - Ryan Proctor

2020 Mechanical Team: 2nd Place

Back: Paul Redden (coach) - Jeremy Miller - John Camacho - Carson Ernst -
         Joe Cleary (coach)
Front: Howard Duong - Jonathan Rosete - Jordan King - Ramon Hernandez -
​​​​          Kian Kemp

2020 IPD Team: 3rd Place

Rear Row: Joseph Cleary (coach) - Eric Cederstrom (alt) - Evan McCollough
Front Row: Jesus Peña - Karl Heuchert - Andres Nasr-Church - Robbie Courtney 
Not Pictured: Michael Knoechel (alt)

2020 Sustainability Team: Best Presentation

Back: Joe Cleary (coach) - Grayson Farnham - Gannon Van Sickle - Brad Burfield -
          Jonathan Ott
Front: Bella Crafton (alt) - Danielle Moody - Maddie Zetterquist - Hailey
           Lancaster (Alt.)


2020 Alternates Competition

Sophie Stewart- 1st

John Camacho- 3rd



2020 Commercial

XL Logo

Proud Sponsor of the Commercial Team

Avery Spector
Marco Reza
Will Myers
Tyler Morales
Parker Doshier
Shaina Suanico
*Sophie Stewart
*Skylar Schrank


2020 Concrete

Proud Sponsor of the Concrete Solutions Team

Gavin Griffin
Tim Smith
Grace Brekke
Sterling Treloar
Peter Finocchio
Jack Radovan
*Thomas Rogers
*Jackson Thomas


2020 Design-Build

XL Logo

Proud Sponsor of the Design-Build Team

Meredith Beckman
Patrick Shami
Connor Layman
Elle Fryer
John Leone
Maya Mashiach
*Luke Terrio
*Greta Stout


2020 Electrical

Proud Sponsor of the Electrical Team

Giovanni Dal Canto
James Ziebell
Ryan Fiorio
Nicholas Gairaud
Andreas Rasmussen
Emily Bohannon
*Miriam Robles
*Amanda Schrader


2020 Heavy-Civil

McGuire & Hester Logo

Proud Sponsor of the Heavy-Civil Team

Tony Roberts
Sean Stratton
Kyler Cruz
Ryan Nielson
Logan Smith
Justin Reno
*Amanda Kaesler
*Courtney Martin


2020 IPD

Proud Sponsor of the IPD Team

Andres Nasr-Church
Karl Heuchert
Josh Brouwer
Robbie Courtney
Evan McCollough
Jesus Pena
*Eric Cederstrom
*Micheal Knoechel


2020 Mechanical

Proud Sponsor of the Mechanical Team

Jordan King
Ramon Hernandez
Kian Kemp
Howard Duong
Jonathan Rosete
Jeremy Miller
*John Camacho
*Carson Ernst


2020 Mixed Use

Proud Sponsor of the Mixed Use Team

Adam Alvarez
Ashley Isla
Matt Langbehn
Jacob Clark
Ryan Proctor
Sebastian Froman
*Keagan Coyne
*Lizette Galvez


2020 Precon

Proud Sponsor of the Precon team

Billy Markham
Gerald Charette
Garrett Henley
Cole Murrin
Shay O'Laughlin
Kyra Glaus
*Molly Bobrovitch
*Jane Runte


2020 Project Mgmt

Proud Sponsor of the Project Management Team

Collin Martin
Kirk Arena
Alex Trujillo
Josh De Mattei
Reagan Milligan
Makenna Gitchell
*Sophie Harrington
*Molly Pryde


2020 Sustainability

Proud Sponsor of the Sustainability Team

Jonathan Ott
Grayson Farnham
Madeleine Zetterquist
Gannon Van Sickle
Danielle Moody
Brad Burfield
*Hailey Lancaster
*Isabella Crafton



2020 VDC

Proud Sponsor of the VDC Team

Jared Jacobs
Cory Krok
Josh Shockey
Jason Mayo
Sydnee Greer
Kyle Bresnahan
*Allen Le
*Carter Melick


* names with asterisks are currently serving as alternates

General Contributors

The below companies have also donated to the Construction Management ASC Competition.


Proud Sponsor of Construction Management's ASC Teams


See ASC 2019 Winners



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