The Construction Management Department has 10 dedicated classrooms where all of labs are taught. Each of these labs has been donor sponsored. This allowed the department to update the technology in the rooms, and provide better equipment for the working environment.

Room Location

Lab Specialty

Donor Information

186-A112 Heavy Civil Construction

Granite Construction

186-B103 Residential Construction Pulte Homes
186-B105 Commercial Construction

Webcor Builders

186-A215 Fundamentals of Construction Overaa Construction  & Watry Architecture
186-B202 Lecture Hall DPR Construction
186-B203 Jobsite Management Grant Construction
186-B205 Specialty Construction Cupertino Electric
186-B302 Fundamentals of Construction Robin L. Rossi
186-B303 Design-Build Construction Pankow Builders
186-B304 Design-Build Construction Clark Construction

Standard Classroom Technologies

Each construction management teaching lab is capable of projecting images and videos from the instructor’s computer at the front of the class, laptop, or other capable device.  Each installed computer is connected to an overhead projector(s) and sound, are connected to a DVD player, and have all department-required software.  The document camera can also project documents to the projector, and users can easily switch between the document camera and computer screen.

Installed equipment in each classroom:

  • At least one video projector
  • Audio system
  • Windows PC and DVD player
  • HDMI cable for laptop connection
  • Document camera
  • WiFi
  • Laser printer


186-B202 classroom technology:

To accommodate larger class sizes, one room (B202) contains all of the standard classroom equipment but, instead of a projection screen, contains four large large television monitors suspended from the ceiling at the front and middle of the classrooms. With these screens, students can see the presentation material from any point in the classroom.

Construction Management Computer Lab

Construction Management also has one teaching computer lab, equipped will all standard classroom equipment. Additionally, the computer lab is comprised of 24 computers with all department-required software, a color/b&w copier, and two 24” color plotters free for student use. Three large television screens, with HDMI cables are also available for students to connect their laptops and work on team projects together at the back of the classroom.

Facilities for General Student Use & Teaching

  • 10 classrooms in which one or more computers reside
  • 1 open computer lab containing 25 computers
  • 10 laser printers
  • 2 plotters
  • 1 Color/b&w copier (free for Cm student use)

CAED Support Facilities

The CAED supports the following facilities as resources for all students in the college.  Follow the below link tot he CAED web site to learn more about the facilities available to our students.



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