College Based Fees


The College Based Fee is money that is assessed with your tuition, but reserved for spending by your department. In the fall of 2002, students in the college voted in a $200 per quarter fee which is allocated to exclusively support the degree programs, faculty, staff, and students in individual departments. The allocation of these funds is guided by a College Based Fee Committee comprised of students and faculty.  A set of bylaws govern the distribution, uses and accountability of these funds. Uses include:

  • Hiring faculty, staff and student assistants
  • Purchasing, maintaining and repairing instructional equipment
  • Support of instruction-related activities

CBF Meetings 2010-2011

CBF Meetings are open to all CM students.  It is encouraged that students participate by sharing ideas on how to spend this valuable resource.

Your CBF Reps

Sam Marquez, Chair,

Kelly Keefe, Board,

Emily Pool, Board,

Joseph Field Bell, Board,

Paul Weber (Advisor)

Al Hauck, DH (Advisor)

Elbert Speidel (Advisor)


Advisory Committee Bylaws

Expenditure Reports

2008-2009 (xls)

2007-2008 (xls)

2006-2007 (xls)

2005-2006 (xls)

2004-2005 (xls)

2003-2004 (xls)

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