Info Sessions/Interviews

The Construction Management Department offers a robust, internal recruiting program that gives industry recruiters a chance to interact with Cal Poly students throughout the academic year. All majors and class levels are encouraged to get involved with our recruiting program, although the focus of the program is to get CM Majors connected to internships while they are students and full-time positions upon graduation.

There are a variety of ways that recruiters can participate. The CM Department coordinates approximately forty nightly Info Sessions per quarter which run Monday through Thursday at 6:00pm and Thursdays at 11:00am during University Hour. Info Sessions are designed for a single company to come and do a presentation for the students followed by interviews the next day (see the schedule below).

Companies are also invited to come to campus and conduct an Interviews Only day without an Info Session. The CM Department will distribute to the students any marketing materials the company provides to promote the opportunities they have available. Students will be asked to submit their request for an interview to the company directly along with their resume. The CM Department will provide one or more interview rooms as needed. Contact CCCE for a list of available Interviews Only dates.

Currently, Cal Poly's spring quarter classes will be held online. Therefore, the Construction Management department will be canceling spring departmental recruitment sessions. We recommend posting any open job positions or internships on the CM Job Board which can be found here. We plan to email the students regularly next quarter with job posting updates. We thank you for your continuous support of our students and look forward to you returning to campus in the 2020-21 academic year.

For questions about the recruiting program and how it can best meet your hiring needs, please contact:
California Center for Construction Education
Phone: 805.756.1723


2019 - 2020 Info Sessions

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Check back periodically as the listings are subject to change.








Company Name 






FALL QUARTER            
9/19/2019-9/27/2018 No Info Sessions- First Week of Classes        



6:00 pm 186-B202 Manson Construction Co.     186-A213
10/1/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 IMT Residential     186-A213
10/2/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Cupertino Electric, Inc.     186-A213
10/3/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 DPR Construction     186-A211
10/3/2019 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Granite Construction     186-A213
10/7/2019 Monday 6:00 pm


Sprig Electric     186-A213
10/8/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Hensel Phelps     186-A213
10/9/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Snyder Langston     186-A213
10/10/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 SC Builders, Inc.     186-A211
10/10/2019 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Pankow     186-A213
10/14/2019 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Whiting-Turner Contracting Company     186-A213
10/15/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 MATT Construction     186-A213
10/16/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Wright Contracting     186-A213
10/17/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-A203    XL Construction    

186-A203 XL Conference  

10/17/2019 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Clark Construction     186-A213
10/21/2019 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Cody|Brock Commercial Builders     186-A213
10/22/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Swinerton Builders     186-A213
10/23/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Overaa Construction     186-A213
10/24/2019 No Info Sessions- CM Career Fair        
10/28/2019 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Blach Construction     186-A213
10/29/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Devcon Construction, Inc.     186-A213
10/30/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 S.J. Amoroso Construction     186-A213
10/31/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Skanska USA Building      
10/31/2019 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Reserved for CCCE     186-A213
11/4/2019 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 McCarthy Building Companies     186-A213
11/5/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Dome Construction     186-A213
11/6/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Myers & Sons Construction     186-A213
11/7/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Reserved for CCCE     186-A211


Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 W.M. Lyles Co.     186-A213
11/11/2019 No Info Sessions- Veteran's Day        
11/12/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Novo Construction     186-A213
11/13/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Hathaway Dinwiddie     186-A213
11/14/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Morley Builders, Inc.     186-A211
11/14/2019 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Truebeck Construction     186-A213
11/18/2019 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Build Group     186-A213
11/19/2019 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Layton Construction     186-A213
11/20/2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Nibbi Brothers General Contractors          186-A213
11/21/2019 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 BNBuilders      186-A211


Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Bali Construction        186-A213
11/25/2019- 11/28/2019 No Info Sessions- Thanksgiving        
12/2/2019- 12/5/2019 No Info Sessions- Dead Week        



No Info Sessions- Finals Week        
WINTER QUARTER            
1/6/2020- 1/10/2020 No Info Sessions- First Week of Classes        
1/13/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Ryan Companies     186-A213
1/14/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Lusardi Construction Company     186-A213
1/15/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Kitchell     186-A213
1/16/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Turner Construction Company      186-A211
1/16/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Reserved for CCCE     186-A213


No Info Sessions- MLK Birthday        


6:00 pm 186-B202 Kiewit     186-A213
1/22/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Largo Concrete     186-A213
1/23/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 McGuire and Hester     186-A211
1/23/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Holland Partners     186-A213
1/27/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Atkinson Construction     186-A213
1/28/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 DeSilva Gates Construction      186-A213
1/29/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Herrero Builders Inc.       186-A213
1/30/2020 No Info Sessions- CM Career Fair        
2/3/2020 - 2/7/2020 No Info Sessions- ASC COMPETITION            
2/10/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Del Amo Construction     186-A213
2/11/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.     186-A213
2/12/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Webcor Builders     186-A213
2/13/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Reserved for Student Clubs      
2/13/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Alten Construction, Inc.                    186-A213
2/17/2020 No Info Sessions- Washington's Birthday        
2/18/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Bernards     186-A213
2/19/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Cahill Contractors LLC     186-A213
2/20/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 The Raymond Group     186-A211
2/20/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 O.C. Jones and Sons, Inc.    


2/24/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Level 10 Construction     186-A213
2/25/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Neff Construction Inc     186-A213
2/26/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Cushman Contracting Corporation     186-A213
2/27/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Pan-Pacific Mechanical     186-A211
2/27/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 California Drywall     186-A213
3/2/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Holder Construction     186-A213
3/3/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Quiring General     186-A213
3/4/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Ghilotti Bros., Inc     186-A213
3/5/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Goodfellow Bros     186-A211
3/5/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Skyline Construction     186-A213
3/9/2020- 3/12/2020 No Info Sessions- Dead Week        
3/16/2020- 3/19/2020 No Info Sessions- Finals Week        
SPRING QUARTER            
3/30/2020- 4/2/2020 No Info Sessions- First Week of Classes        
4/6/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 DesCor Builders     186-A213
4/7/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Plant Construction Company     186-A213


6:00 pm 186-B202 DRYCO Construction     186-A213
4/9/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 davisREED Construction, Inc.     186-A211
4/9/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 The Hanover Company     186-A213
4/13/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Avila Construction     186-A213
4/14/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 REC Solar Commercial Corporation     186-A213
4/15/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Suffolk     186-A213
4/16/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Clark Pacific      
4/16/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Reserved for CCCE     186-A213
4/20/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Monterey Mechanical Co     186-A213
4/21/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Sundt Construction     186-A213
4/22/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 C.W. Driver     186-A213
4/23/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Wesely Thomas     186-A211
4/23/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Eames Construction, Inc.     186-A213
4/27/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 O'Connor Construction Management, Inc.     186-A213
4/28/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Clune Construction     186-A213
4/29/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Silverado Contractors Inc.     186-A213
4/30/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 PREMIER Design + Build Group      186-A211
4/30/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Dempsey Construction     186-A213
5/4/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Tilton Pacific Construction      186-A213
5/5/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 PCL Construction      186-A213
5/6/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Dragados     186-A213
5/7/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Reserved for Student Clubs      
5/7/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202       186-A213
5/11/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Preston Pipelines Inc.     186-A213
5/12/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Graniterock     186-A213
5/13/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Murray Company     186-A213
5/14/2020 CM Senior Photo 11:00 am 186-B202        
5/14/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Williams Construction LLC     186-A213
5/18/2020 Monday 6:00 pm 186-B202       186-A213
5/19/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Lend Lease     186-A213
5/20/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Big-D Construction     186-A213
5/21/2020 Carpenter Apprentice Review 11:00 am 186-B202      


5/21/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc.     186-A213
5/25/2020 No Info Sessions- Memorial Day        
5/26/2020 Tuesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 JTS Construction     186-A213
5/27/2020 Wednesday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Harris Construction Co., Inc.     186-A213
5/28/2020 Thursday 11:00 am 186-B202 Reserved for CCCE     186-A211
5/28/2020 Thursday 6:00 pm 186-B202 Vanir Construction Management, Inc.     186-A213
END OF 2019-2020 Info Sessions          


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