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Job Title    Construction Management Internship
Location     Nationwide Locations – Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Northern California, Southern California, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Washington DC
Contact    Kate Wirkus - HR Coordinator
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Salary   Hourly Pay
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Job Description:


Our internships and co-op opportunities allow you to gain real-world experience and tackle the same
responsibilities as our full-time employees. Here, you’ll learn directly from experts, expand your
knowledge, and make major contributions to a variety of challenging projects. Our hands-on approach
to learning will prepare you for a successful career after you complete your education.
Anning-Johnson Companies Internship Program is intended to provide related work experience for
students in their field of study with the potential of offering a full-time career following their graduation.
Our internships are competitive, full-time, fully paid but temporary positions through the typical spring,
summer and fall months. Part-time opportunities and cooperatives may also be available throughout the
Anning-Johnson Company is looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in assessing customer service
expectations and ensuring delivery of projects by applying expertise in engineering and/or construction
management as an Intern working with our Estimating and Project Management teams.
This position will provide a great opportunity for a long-term thinker to develop construction leadership
expertise across a range of markets and clients, leverage technology to increase efficiency and
effectiveness, participate in a broad range of project planning and coordination duties, and grow with
the company. The role will offer opportunities to bring value by learning from project team members
and sharing with the project team.
You will be assigned to a Sr Estimator or Project Manager. Everything you touch will have an impact on
the bottom line on each project. There are numerous advantages to an internship with Anning-Johnson


  • Anning-Johnson Company is employee-owned. After one year of full-time employment, you too will be able to buy stock and become an owner
  • You will learn from some of the top people in the industry and work with notable clients and owners
  • We offer competitive wages and great benefits
  • You’ll begin your career with a high level of responsibility
  • More than most companies in the industry -You’ll get real-life experience from day one. No coffee duty

Send applications or questions to Kate Wirkus at



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