Laptop Requirements

The department has a requirement that all students have a notebook computer. Most Construction Management classes emphasize cooperative projects/assignments, and a notebook computer provides the required mobility to facilitate collaboration. In today’s construction environment, computing is an integral component with the computer being the standard tool. A notebook computer is the key to having computing capability available at all times and all locations. Financial aid may be available to cover the cost of the computer laptop. Go to the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office web site for more information.  

A note about Mac laptops. 

We get a number of people asking about using Mac vs a PC. Your student can use a Mac if he or she chooses, however, a lot of the programs CM requires will only run on Windows. The only solution is to dual partition your hard drive and load a Windows OS onto it. Our college techs can help with this process, but Windows 10 will have to be downloaded. CAED students can download this for free. If this seems like too much hassle, or your student isn't sold on a Mac already, a PC may be the better choice.

Minimum Requirements (updated 6/18)


  • Equal to or greater than Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core (or equivalent) processor 3.0 GHz Clock Speed recommended

Operating System

  • Windows 10 Operating System, or ability to Run Windows 10 Operating System


  • Equal to or greater than 1920x1080 or higher


  • Equal to or greater than 16GB RAM

  • 1 TB (SSD or HDD) Hard Drive (or Greater)


  • Wireless Capability

In The Pocket

  • 32 GB Flash Drive

  • 1TB External Hard Drive (Optional)

For more information on computer systems, please contact the University Bookstore or visit the computer tab of their web site at Additionally, you may visit Dell University

Students can get windows 10 free through The CAED tech team can help you download this to your new computer. 

If you have any further questions, please phone or email the Construction Management Department.

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