2018 Teams for the ASC Region 3 Competition in Downer's Grove, IL

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2018 Concrete- 1st Place

Left to Right:  Timothy Smith - Harrison Woods - Keenan Brekke - Samantha Solow - Arlen Hartoonian - Tony Pellegrini - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2018 Electrical- 1st Place

Left to Right:  Ryan Fiorio - Giovanni Dal Canto - Lorcan Yeung - Nick Gairaud - Theodore Powers - Chris Audi - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2018 Preconstruction- 1st Place

Left to Right: Billy Markham - Connor Cody - Dominic Parella - Manny Gonzalez - Jake Navarre - Allyson Forster - Greg Starzyk (Coach) - Problem Sponsor

2018 Project Solutions- 1st Place

Left to Right: Katie Love - Nicklaus Wilcots - Donnie Lipsey - Zach Stelleni - Michael Avila - Chris Farkas - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2018 Concrete

Proud Sponsor of the Concrete Solutions Team

Keenan Brekke, Captain
Harrison Woods 
Tony Pellegrini 
Arlen Hartoonian
Samantha Solow
Timothy Smith


2018 Electrical

Proud Sponsor of the Electrical Team

Lorcan Yeung, Captain
Giovanni Dal Canto
Ryan Fiorio
Theodore Powers
Nicholas Gairaud
Chris Audi


2018 Pre-construction Services

Proud Sponsor of the Precon team

Ally Forster, Co-Captain
Dominic Parella, Co-Captain
Connor Cody
Manny Gonzalez
Billy Markham
Jake Navarre


2018 Project Solutions

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Proud Sponsor of the Project Solutions Team

Chris Farkas, Co-Captain
Nicklaus Wilcots, Co-Captain
Michael Avila
Zach Stellini
Donnie Lipsey
Katie Love


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