2017 Teams for the ASC Region 3 Competition in Downer's Grove, IL

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2017 Electrical- 1st Place

Left to Right: Electrical Problem Sponsor - Ross Ludwig - Sam Marcum - Lorcan Yeung - Kelly Williams - John Pezzini - Elliot Pyon - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2017 Pre-Construction - 1st Place

Left to Right: Ally Forster - Ryan MacIntosh - Austin Stewart - Connor Cody - Devin Merker - Kristen Forster - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2017 Concrete- 2nd Place

Left to Right: Concrete Problem Sponsors (2) - Samantha Solow - Keenan Brekke - Trevor Colbert - Grant Bettisworth - Jimmy Fewell - Arlen Hartoonian - Greg Starzyk (Coach)


2017 Concrete

Proud Sponsor of the Concrete Solutions Team

Keenan Brekke, Captain
Jimmy Fewell
Grant Bettisworth
Arlen Hartoonian
Trevor Colbert
Samantha Solow
Zach Stellini (non-traveling alternate)
Tony Pellegrini (non-traveling alternate)


2017 Electrical

Prime Electric

Proud Sponsor of the Electrical Team

John Pezzini, Co-Captain
Kelly Williams, Co-Captain
Elliot Pyon
Ross Ludwig
Lorcan Yeung
Sam Marcum


2017 Pre-construction Services

Proud Sponsor of the Precon team

Kristen Forster, Co-Captain
Devin Merker, Co-Captain
Connor Cody
Ally Forster
Ryan Macintosh
Austin Stewart


2017 Project Solutions

DPR Logo

Proud Sponsor of the Project Solutions Team

Tristan Soltero
Chad Richman
Travis Tollstrup
Chelsea Trumbull
Chris Farkas
Nick Wilcots




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