Former CM Department Head Bill Brown's passing

Bill Brown
Bill Brown, the first Head of Construction Management Department - then named Construction Engineering-  passed away on June 25.  Bill has long been a generous supporter of Cal Poly and the CM Department with both his time and his resources – his name will live on with us, through the naming of one of the interview rooms that many industry members use during their recruiting trips here, in his honor.  He was active nationally in early meetings of academics from around the country that led to the founding of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC).  He was also an early proponent of the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) – our accrediting body – and encouraged Cal Poly to be one of the first programs in the nation to become accredited in 1978, just four years after the founding of ACCE.

Bill will always be remembered for his smile and good humor; and for the good rounds of golf that he enjoyed throughout his retirement.  I know that many of you knew Bill personally and had classes with him during your time at Cal Poly.  I met him right after my arrival here 12 years ago and I will certainly miss his friendship and his counsel.  The department will arrange for flowers or an appropriate recognition at his services on July 13th, 2014. For more information please contact Jenay Reynolds-Sibbach at

Al Hauck, CM Department Head

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