2010 ASC Regions 6 & 7 Competition in Sparks, NV

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2010 Heavy-Civil Team: 1st Place

Photo-Heavy-Civil Team Winners

Back Row: Matthew Hennig-Hance  - Ryan Oldham - Reid Etcheverry - Coach: Dr. Barry Jones
Front Row: Chris Arce - Ryan Brown - Greg Amon
Not Pictured: Kyle Davis - Kelly Keefe

2010 Marine Team: 1st Place

Photo-Marine Team Winners

Back Row: Carson Clay  - Steven Giordano - Nick Catania - Dr. Allan Hauck, CM Dept. Head
Front Row: Tyler Pratt  -  Graeme Shoebridge  -  Andrew Kline
Not Pictured: Joseph Field Bell - Matthew Welch

2010 Residential Team: 1st Place

Photo-Residential Team Winners

Back Row: Ryan Holman -  Lyn Fearnside  -  Scott Allen -  Coach: Professor Scott Kelting
Front Row: David Skeber  - Daniel Wiens  -  Austin Nunez
Not Pictured: Kevin Arroyo - Evan Matthews

2010 DPR Team: 2nd Place

Photo-DPR Team Winners

Back Row: Brian Azzopardi - Dustin Johnson - Matt Ershov - Professor Phil Barlow
Front Row: Taylor Gilmore - Ryan Helmuth - Tara Millard
Not Pictured: Deanna Alexander - Tim Dieu

2010 BIM Team: 3rd Place

Photo- Bim Team Winners

Back Row: Candido Ramirez(Shadow) - Bryan Fairbanks - Chris Maxwell - Patrick Cheng -
Coach: Professor Elbert Speidel 
Front Row: Richard Decker - Monica Lubag - Katie Worden - Alfred Lee(Shadow)

2010 Electrical Team: 3rd Place

Photo- Electrical Team Winners

Back Row: Brian Brandt - Skyler Murphy - Dominic R. Cacciatore - Dr. Allan Hauck, CM Dept. Head
Front Row: Paul MacDonnell - Kyle Marini - Kevin Farrow
Not Pictured: Sean Jordan - Timothy R. Mackey

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