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Cal Poly has a variety of opportunities for those interested in study abroad or at other campuses within the United States. These programs are coordinated by the International Education and Programs (IEP) Office. Programs include: AustraLearn, Denmark International Study, University Studies Abroad Consortium, Cal Poly at Sea, London Study and Thai Study. For more information on the many possibilities for study off-campus, go to the IEP web site at

You should begin your study abroad research early on in your college career to determine the best program fit and to plan for the courses you should be setting aside for your study abroad program. We suggest that you review the program links listed on the left side menu. You will want to ask yourself the following questions: Why do you want to study abroad? What type of courses do you want to take? When do you want to go and for how long? Do you want to go with a Cal Poly faculty-led program, or more independently? Do you want to focus on intensive language study, or a combination of language and Major/Minor/GE courses? Do you plan to utilize financial aid resources to cover some of your study abroad expenses?

Why Study Abroad?

International study is recognized as an essential part of the college experience. Approximately 800 students annually of Cal Poly students will have lived and studied in another country by the time they graduate. One of the most important skills you will develop from your university education is the ability to consider things from more than one perspective. Studying abroad enhances the ability and helps you develop your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Reasons why you should study abroad:

  • Understand Another Culture
  • Develop Self-awareness
  • Enhance your education
  • Build Your Resume
  • You Can Afford It
  • It is Easier Than You Think
  • It is the Adventure of a Lifetime

Construction Management Overseas Programs

The CM Department continues to provide opportunities for students to enhance their learning through various overseas programs. 

Go to the Prague Program web page

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