Summer 2017: Prague, Czech Republic

Cal Poly Construction Management is travelling to Europe

CM Majors and CM Minors welcome!
This is a unique opportunity for international study within the framework of Cal Poly’s Construction Management (CM) degree program. Offered to both CM majors and minors, the program includes eight academic units directly applicable to the major/minor curriculum. A Cal Poly CM professor will travel with the group, providing students with a familiar teaching style while they experience the excitement of a new country.

General Information

From Prague, all of Europe is just a plane, train, or car ride away. This city is one of the true jewels of Europe. (For its history, visit It is a fun city to be in with a great variety of cultural and evening life. The Czech Technical University traces its roots back to 1707 . A brief history can be found at - http:// Czech Technical University enjoys an international reputation for teaching, and the quality and range of its research work. It has academic links with every continent.

Why should CM students Study Abroad?

Construction is a truly international profession. Foreign study is fully recognized as an essential part of the college experience. Approximately 13% of Cal Poly students will have lived and studied in another country by the time they graduate; this number is increasing annually. One of the most important skills they develop from their university education is the ability to consider things from more than one perspective. Studying abroad enhances the ability and helps them develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. It is in the spirit of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design’s "Universal Traveler" philosophy.

The Program

Students study three courses during the summer quarter in addition to CM400 during the preceding spring quarter:
CM majors and CM Minors will register for 8 units:

  • CM 426- International Construction Studies
  • CM 415- Integrated Project Delivery
  • CM 443– Management of the Construction Firm 

This program of study will be organized and taught by Professor Barry Jones (  If enough students wish to go, additional CM faculty will be added.

Classes will be held at the Czech Technical University. Students will have the opportunity to visit a technological museum, contractors’ field offices and take tours of local construction sites to learn about construction management in an international context."


Note: When planning, note that exchange rates do vary over time, so the cost could be more or less than the figure listed below. Approximate total costs including 5 weeks accommodation, flight, airport transportation, incidentals, food, and Cal Poly registration fee (apx. $4,735) will be $7,850. This figure will be updated as dates approach.


Air Transportation from USA to Czech Republic can vary. A good estimate is $1,500 (group rates might be available). Students are responsible for their own arrangements.
Optional Travel (e.g. travel conducted outside of class) is not included in the above $7,850 and should be budgeted for independently.

Students will need to apply early for passports and other travel documents. Passports can take several months to process.

Key Dates

Students will make their own travel arrangements to arrive in Prague, Czech Republic no later than ...

Monday,  June 15,  First day of class – orientation etc.
5 study weeks spent in Prague, Czech Republic completing Thursday, July 16.
Web sites (way to many to list all - google and youtube search "Prague")


Provide CM students with international study opportunities within the framework of Cal Poly’s Construction Management degree program.

The faculty view studies abroad as unique experiences that complement and expand the educational objectives of the current Construction Management curriculum.
General educational objectives for the Summer Study Program are:

  • To provide opportunities for students preparing for a career in built environment.
  • To extend students’ studies and perspectives beyond the familiar classroom and campus environment.
  • To effectively heighten the students’ involvement and responsibility in the development of their intellectual, emotional and perceptual learning experiences.
  • To expand the students' understanding of international construction and the role the construction industry plays in a global built environment.
  • To experience living and studying in another country.
  • To compare and contrast the construction of earlier civilizations.

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