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A senior project is a capstone experience required of all Cal Poly students receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. The senior project will integrate theory and application from across the student's undergraduate educational experiences. The senior project for construction management students shall consist of one or more of the following:

Research Based:

  • Action Research (tied directly to work experience)
  • Educational Research (relating to an existing or new CM course or class)
  • Case Study (detailed account of one or more cases)
  • Basic Research (expand human knowledge)
  • Applied Research (solve a practical problem)
  • Other (as deemed appropriate)

Project Based:

  • Work on an interdisciplinary team with a definitive goal that is either academic and/or has commercial implications related to the construction industry.
  • Student competition participation that is NOT typically engaged in by CM students.
  • Design and/or build a construction project individually or with a team (non-profit requirement).
  • Provide construction management services of some kind individually or with a team (non-profit requirement).
  • Create a document for the betterment of the construction industry of some kind individually or with a team (non-profit requirement).
  • Models, digital creations, software development, website development, inventions, idea development, experiment, etc. which has academic and/or commercial implications related to the construction industry.
  • Other (as deemed appropriate)


Regardless of the type of senior project chosen, in all cases every construction management student is required to provide the following deliverables:

  1. Take and pass CM461 (either in the student's sophomore or junior year, but prior to the students last summer quarter)
  2. Submit and have approved by both the SPD (Senior Project Director) and SME (Subject Matter Expert) a fully vetted senior project proposal prior to being allowed to sign-up for CM462.
  3. Take and pass CM462 (an independent study course administered by the SME)

        * An academic paper (ASC proceedings style paper).

        * A standardized binder of supporting materials

        * A poster board and appropriate professional presentation.

        * A student reflection paper and completed evaluation form.

​Student Responsibilities (Chronologically):

  • Sign-up for CM461 in a timely manner (sophomore or junior standing preferred but required to be taken before entering final summer term).
  • Prior to signing-up for CM462 student MUST HAVE:
    * A complete, well thought-out, and fully vetted senior project proposal.

    * Identified an SME who has agreed to work with them and approves of
  • Sign-up for CM462 prior to final quarter on campus (or earlier if achievable).
  • Get a permission number from CM office for CM462 (assigned to the agreed upon SME).
  • Complete all deliverables of senior project prior to the end of said quarter.


Senior Project Director (SPD) Responsibilities:

  • The SPD is the faculty member who is currently teaching CM461.
  • Takes the lead in assisting the student with navigating their senior project until student is registered for CM462.
  • Tracks the overall progress of all CM students once they have completed CM461.
  • Notifies graduating seniors of pending due dates and milestones.
  • Facilitates the selection of and common topical interest with potential SME’s.
  • Acts as a summer senior project advisor if an SME has not yet been identified.
  • Assists with connecting student senior project interest with work experience.
  • Assists with any logistical or general senior project guidance.
  • Assists in the development of a senior project proposal prior to SME submission.
  • Assists with any non-technical content of paper (structure, style, format, etc.).


Subject Matter Expert (SME) Responsibilities:

  • Assists over the summer, with any technical or subject matter senior project guidance if identified by student and agreed to by the SME.
  • Assists in the development of a student’s senior project proposal prior to submission.
  • Advises the student on technical paper content (introduction, literature review, research methods, identify new information, conclusions, and possible future research) over the CM462 quarter enrolled.
  • Takes the lead in assisting the student on their senior project over the CM462 quarter enrolled.
  • Provides the grade for senior project in CM462.


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